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The USS Sarasota is a Play By Email role-playing game based on the Star Trek Universe. The Current year is 2376, and the United Federation of Planets is recovering from the war against The Dominion. A new year dawns on the galaxy, and Starfleet begins to focus on it's own problems. As the fleets are rebuilt, a new sense of hope spreads through the UFP...hope for a new era of peace and a return to the true purpose of Starfleet...Exploration!

That is the main goal of the USS Sarasota, to explore and patrol it's small piece of space. Working out of Starbase 135, the Nova class starship under the command of Captain Ethan Frost seeks to safeguard and explore the Bishop Sector, an area of space that lies between the borders of Romulan and what used to be Cardassian space. It is a sector that is largely unexplored, an area of space that houses many different species and sentients from all walks of life.

This is a non-profit, fan appreciation page, and no harm is intended. This site is not meant to violate any of Paramount's Copyrights to Star Trek. Star Trek is a registered trade mark of Paramount and all rights are reserved in the United States and abroad. Star Trek & associated references are the exclusive property of Paramount Pictures and are used here most respectfully.

The GMs also wish to thank the Last Unicorn Gaming Company for their inspiration and for their wonderful Star Trek RPG. We highly recomend their series of books and games as a source of fun and information.

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